The Important Aspects of the Australian Culture

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Before delving deeper into the topic, it is important to give an overview of Australia as that will act as the basis of this discussion. Australia is among the oldest landmasses in the world. The country is the sixth largest in the world and is the planet’s biggest island. While the country is surrounded by water masses, the country is among the driest as it has only 6 percent of arable land. Since the country is vast, visitors are often surprised at the large distances they cover traveling from city to city. From east to west, Australia stretches approximately 4000 kilometers and 37000 kilometers from north to south. Flying from Perth to Sydney takes about 5 hours. Without including Alaska, Austria is about the same size as the US and is over 32 times the size of the UK. The name Australia is derived for the Latin term australis which means of the South (Lees, 2002).Etiquette is an important part of the Australian culture. The terms ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are very popular in Australia and are very helpful whenever you are dealing with other people probably when buying goods and asking to be offered services (Sharp, 2012). When being offered something, say a cup of tea, for example, it is considered polite to say Yes please, or simply Please if you would like to have the tea and no, thank you if you don’t like to have the tea. When receiving something, on the other hand, to say thank you is considered polite. If you bump into someone in Australia, you are supposed to say sorry and if you need a person’s attention, saying excuse me is appropriate. You may also notice Australians say pardon me or excuse me if they belch or burp around a person’s home or in public (Sharp, 2012).