The Importance of Information Systems on the Apple iPhone

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An overview of the importance of information systems in the modern business environment as a driver for innovations in the electronics industry, particularly in the smartphone industry is discussed in the opening remarks. By emphasizing the nature of the modern business environment enables the development of the background on which the iPhone strategy is established in terms of successful information systems solutions packaging. To determine the applicability of iPhone’s sustainability in the competitive strategy approach, Apple’s business competitive advantage is assessed using the five forces of competition in Porter’s model. Each of the five forces is assessed for application in iPhone’s use of information systems solutions in competitive strategy. A brief addendum is provided towards the end of the presentation discussing recommendations that Apple can adopt to make the iPhone more competitive. This presentation underscores the analysis of the innovation inclined market to drive a strategic competition approach for modern ICT based technologies.Competitive advantage is established after a thorough analysis of the market needs against the backdrop of the business competition environment defined by certain market factors. Perhaps one of the most celebrated approaches to perform the task of establishing a sustainable competitive strategy is Porter’s model that highlights five main forces as determinants of the business competition environment. From the results of the analysis conducted, business processes including product design and other operations are realigned to overcome the market forces. In the modern-day market in which Apple’s iPhone competes, the dominating theme of consumer demand is driven by the growing need for information systems for the changing market for the smartphone and other handheld devices (Benson and Tribe 2008, p8).The market is in need of solutions that can assist to manage various end-user needs as the world continually embraces the information age.