The Impact of the Intercultural Communication on the Migrants

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On this basis, this paper takes a stand that an individual’s cultural background plays a role in influencing the effectiveness of an individual’s capability to communicate.
For instance, United States of America consists of various cultural groups, and each group has their language. Communicating effectively amongst these groups requires the adoption of a common language. However, the cultural background in which an individual comes from might affect the manner in which the same individual adopts the language. This paper analyzes how this is possible.
Mr. Johnston Mleva has a great memory and can remember events that took place in his life for over 45 years ago. As a child, Johnston remembers attending tradition musical celebrations, and bullfighting. It was part of the Banyore’s traditions to organize celebration parties in relation to appreciating their lives, and when there was a good harvest. Bullfighting was an annual event meant to celebrate the Banyore’s existence, and cultural heritage. During these celebrations, two bulls were charged for the purposes of ensuring that they engaged in a fight.
This was a very dangerous event because these animals were fierce and on most occasions, at least a person died. During this period, because I was young, I learned to appreciate my culture and its values. This is because the traditional music contained lyrics in praise of-of my language, long time heroes of my tribe, and specific aspects of his culture such as importance of marriage, importance of respect to elders and other members of the community, importance of free and honest association with strangers, relatives and any other relevant person in our lives. This aspect gave him skills to interact with members of other sub tribes amongst the Luhya because they came from a similar geographical location.