The Impact of Technology on Today’s Society

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The research is based on data gathered from secondary sources. Technology is the application of science to solve a problem. However, there is no definite definition of technology. As technology advances its definition changes. No one definition can describe technology without limiting it. This is because technology evolves each and every day to become more complex and sophisticated. Different types of technology work in different ways for example, we use information technology like the internet for creating and securing data, learning and communication. The scope of this paper is to establish the impact of technology on society.As the report declaresthe goal is to find out the impact of technology on society socially, politically, economically and its influence on health and the environment. The general thing about the different types of technology is that people use them to make life better.Technology has existed for as long as man. The technology that existed in the past may not be as sophisticated and complex as it is today. The introduction of this paper defines technology as the use of science to solve problems and make life better. Computers and the internet may not have existed in the past but science was used to progress man, for example. pyramids of the Egyptians existed in the past.The technology that exists today may not have existed in the past but there were innovations and inventions then that can also be termed as technology.