The impact of technology on sports

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The design and development of sporting equipments and infrastructures needs partnership between all the members involved as well as comprehending between both the science of sports and life. Even if the technology has brought a great impact in the sporting activities, some of the equipments developed in accordance with the current technology contribute very little to the success of a sports person in the games. The world of sports has changed drastically over the years due to the development of technology, which has brought a huge impact in the modern sporting events. However some people think that inclusion of technology in the sports will reduce the pace of the games but others claim that technology make games to be more enjoyable. For instance, when people embrace technology in football most of the blunders that greatly cost playing teams and referees can reduce drastically. Introduction of hawk eye technology brought mixed reactions among various stakeholders in the football arena. The hawk eye technology in conjunction with the goal line technology will help the referee to make better decisions while in the pitch. In United States of America, the referees have been using instant replays in order to make the correct calls in football. The referees in basketball have also adopted the replay system in modern to ensure that the players are shooting the ball within the period stipulated by a shot clock. The hawk eye technology and instant replay technology has seen the quality of these sports increase at a very great margin (Topend Sports, 2013). Additionally, international cricket has been using the third umpire to replay disputed boundaries and catches, hence improving the quality of the sports in the fields. The economist (2012) states that, the Umpire Decision Review System (DRS) has completely changed the sport. This statement is very true because before this technology came some of the bowlers used to instill fear to their opponents and with the new technology, the observers were able to catch search bowlers. The DRS system has made cricket game to be civil by including a tactical dimension to the sport and the teams can now take part in decision making in cases of a poor sportsmanship. The DRS system has made the cricketers to acquire more knowledge and skills when playing the game and this has made them reap the full benefits of the new technology. The economist (2012) claims that, a good captain now must also possess the skill of the judicious review. This implies that the new technology has really assisted the cricketers in making the correct judgments in case they detect an error in the opponent side. Thus, inclusion of technology in the cricket sport has brought a very great revolution of serenity to the game whereby the people used to relate the sport with violence because of poor decision made by the observers. However, in some sports, the balance seems to sway far away towards the technology because of the impact that the technology has brought in these events. According to Kelner (2009), in swimming, Speedo LZR swimsuits that the swimmers are currently using perfectly fit the swimmers body as designed. The swimsuits transform the swimmers body into a surface like that of a dolphin, which have very little similarity with the normal swimsuit. However, this newly designed swimsuit has very little