The Impact Of Multiplayer Online Games On The Teens’ Social Life

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Today the graphics in online games are so fabulous and their themes are so realistic that young people do not feel shy playing them. In particular, the Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) have been appreciated by young people all over the world.
As the name implies, MMORPGs are actually role based games which provide room for multiple players to play simultaneously. Different players assume different roles and play their part in the story. The characters of games can be customized as per the will of the player. This way, players reflect their own personalities in the characters they play. The players can interact with one another during the game through their respective computers. Individuals control the actions of their respective characters. MMORPGs are particularly different from other Role Playing Games (RPGs) in that the game world continuously evolves and develops even while the players are offline. Youth’s uncontrolled drive towards MMORPG is affecting the social life of their own and others associated with them.
Online games were introduced into the society first in 1969 with a two player game that was developed for educational purposes (Gupta). As the game was appreciated a lot, this caused developers to incorporate more features, effects, and themes in order to make the following games more vibrant and pertinent to the interests of a vast majority of the audience. Until 1995, the National Science Foundation Network (NSFNET) had imposed certain restrictions upon children’s access to online games (Gupta). The online games industry blossomed after that as NSFNET retreated its restrictions. Use of the internet exceeded manifolds and accordingly, the industry of online games made a lot of money with the customers spread all over the world.