The impact of Motherese in second language acquisition

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An interactive style may be more useful in ensuring second language learning. The efficacy of interaction will be enhanced through the opportunities for feedback that are provided to a student. Therefore, a student of a second language will receive input from a native speaker/teacher, input that is suitably modified to match his cognitive level. The output that is produced by the learner on the basis of the input that is provided, can be modified depending upon the feedback that is provided by the native speaker. In a second language classroom, the teacher should also tailor the input according to student cognitive levels and then provide feedback in order to improve student learning. Therefore, understanding the value of motherese will help a teacher to use the right approach in her classroom, especially when the students are starting out with another language, or when they are in the younger age groups and may not possess the levels of concentration, or be ready to put in the effort required under traditional systems of instruction in language.