The Impact of Media Technologies on Child Development and Wellbeing

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The impact of technology and the media on the growth and development of children remains philosophical. This explains why physicians and the rest of the society largely need to evaluate the exposure of children to the media. In the process, parents also need to offer regulation on the right age for children to use the media among them a radio, television, music, the internet, and video games. This paper aims at exploring both harmful and beneficial influences of technology and the media on the physical and mental health of children. Apart from other members of the society, the discourse identifies various ways through which physicians can counsel families and families with the aim of enhancing the appropriate use of the media and technology by children in their environments.
The developments in the media sector come from the developments in the information and communication technology. Video, television, games, mobile phones, and music, as well as the internet, continue to bring substantial changes experienced by children in the present society. In most cases, the changes find parents and guardians in addition to the society largely unprepared to handle the challenges accompanying the use of media technology (Bernard-Bonnin, 1991, p. 50). In the end, parents do not comprehend various ways and levels of regulating the use of the media by the children. Today, substantial evidence from health practitioners proofs the effects of the media on the health of children. Research across many countries including Australia and Canada shows that families prefer what media technologies provide. Educational programs offered by the media contribute a lot to the improvement of academic abilities and knowledge of children. This starts early and physicians encourage parents and guardians to introduce them to their children while they are young. Choosing programs for children makes a big difference to the knowledge and skills of children when they start schooling.