The Impact of IT systems on the work of managers in 5 star hotels in California

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People have become more active in tourism. Hospitable industry has been doing very well. Things like 9/11 attacks do affect the rates, but then that is also on temporary basis. People have started resuming their touring activities. The responsibilities also rise on the shoulders of managers. These are just a few tasks that manager have to do when in hotel management. Illustrated below are the general tasks found in the managers of California based hotels.
The above mentioned tasks are just a few jobs that are under taken by the management. Now lets see how technology has helped these managers in improving their tasks. One advantage that technology has given is that where 5 people used to be required to do a certain task, now even one person can takeover aoo those tasks with the help of technological softwares implemented.
POS Systems are being used efficiently in the hotels of California. Lynne Brakeman (2006) says POS are used for taking guest orders, collecting and analyzing financial transaction information, and providing data security and accountability. Credit card skimming, handwriting recognition, consumer preference for debit cards and contactless payment devices are some of the main issues influencing the evolution POS technology in the hospitality industry.
Online Reservation Systems act as management tool to handle booking, customer support, and property information and transformation arrangement. These management tools allow the managers to keep the record of customers and send newsletters or ecards. The customers can easily ask about their queries to the management staff and do not actually need to visit the premises.
Management tools
Pacific Plaza Hotels in California use management tools to perform the following operational tasks. (Examples of few management tools are discussed below)
Prepare, implement and monitor:
Business plan
Purchasing and inventory controls
Accounting systems, including reporting
Accounts receivable and payable
Forecasts, budgets and monthly variance
Capital improvement schedules
Recruiting, training, supervising and controlling property management and staff
Establish preventative maintenance programs
Property visits by corporate executives
Computerized Card keys
Computer Card Keys are another form of technology. They are an alternative to physical keys. Management of California hotels used to face problems like keys being duplicated. These actions resulted in stealing of objects from the rooms. Computerized Card Keys have made things a