The Impact of Increasing Health Awareness on Consumer Buying Behaviour

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It has relevance in ascertaining the actual preference of consumers with regard to food and food products. It has relevance to the various business segments of the food industry in providing information on the changing customer wants that need to be satisfied. Finally, it has relevance to the food policymakers as it provides them information on the future changes required in the agricultural crops and products that are used as a raw material in the food industry. Hence the study has relevance both in terms of the present as well as the future.

The study would consist of two parts. The first would involve critical literary research of existing literature on the subject. The Internet databases of EBSCO, Medscape and Google would be utilized as sources for the required literature. In addition, the local libraries would also be used to provide the required literature. The literature on the subject prior to 1990 will be excluded and preference would be given for literature published in the last ten years. This would enable a separate point of reference for the independent research that is planned

The second part of the study would involve an independent research study again consisting of two parts. Ten supermarkets would be chosen from the neighborhood and nearby vicinity. Twenty-five customers each of these ten markets would be surveyed to ascertain changes in purchasing preferences of food and food products, through the means of a well-prepared questionnaire. Customers below the age of thirty would be excluded. The identities of the customers would be protected by the use of codes on the questionnaire. In this manner, the study would consist of two hundred and fifty subjects. The changes in stocking patterns of food and food products by the chosen ten supermarkets over the last five years would be ascertained by the use of well&nbsp.prepare questionnaires and through interviews conducted with the managers of these ten selected supermarkets.&nbsp.