The Impact of Evolving Technologies on Political Participation

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While the technology has introduced itself and enforced its presence in the different forms, one of the shapes in which the technology has been used to aid and assist the political participation is that of social media. Social media, which is also dubbed as the Web 2.0 is an invention and gift of the 21st century A.D. it is a totally new concept that was not known to the users or implementers of the digital media in the previous decades. The Web 2.0 is a more dynamically assisted digital interface that has allowed new applications usage and improved service providing. The Social media is a gift of Web 2.0.Through the social media, people from all walks of life get together and express their views, concerns, optimism and other related trends and concepts. They all merge under a unified group of entity followed by the large number of fans.Arab spring one of the most dominant words in the political sphere of global politics has been in practice for last four to five years. It was a movement and agitation activity that turned governments. It was a movement that toppled the governments of dictators who had been in seat for over two to three decades.The Arab spring was a gift of technology. It was spurred by the use of Face book and other social media websites (Howard amp. Hussain, 2013, 65). It served as a platform for the youth of that area to mobilize, find a platform. While the practical fields were cordoned off by the police and other means of militia and regimental forces, the Face book served as a medium where the people could gather, express their views and express their legal concerns. The Tehrir square which late on became the house and center to over a million people was initially set into fire by the Face book when a group of individuals sat together and discussed the possible actions against the incumbent President