The Hunger Games movie

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ates that the capitol do not care about the livelihood of the people living in the districts but only care about the gains they get from the games and they underline the importance of them even though the participants might be living in dire conditions. Filckerman and crane are two characters that represent the capitol in the games and the exuberance with which Flickerman conducts his business in the games delights many viewers as he is determined not to fail apparently aware of the implications that come with failure in the capitol. Crane on the other hand shows a level of naivety in the handling of games that makes him to fail in the end as he fails to realize the implications of the decisions he made until it was too late and there was no way back for him to redeem himself. The part that would entertain the people most is the reaction of the president when he heard that Crane had failed in his role of making the games successful in terms of operations and turnouts.The transition from the introduction of the capitol in the movie to the beginning of the story is flawless and the main characters of the movie are quickly introduced to the scenes where the audience gets to meet Katniss and Prim. In the district 12, the camera quality is a bit wanting because the motion is disturbed by the camera being hand held hence making the movie to rattle the eyes of the viewers before they get to the core of the movie. The setting is ok as it shows just enough poverty but it would be better if more starving people were showed in the movie as it would appear more authentic and engaging to the viewers. The fact that there is a lot of hunger in the area makes it hard to believe when the number of people starving in the area is small, making the number bigger would be more convincing and enable the viewers to see the much talked about starvation in district 12.The most fascinating character here is Katniss Everdene who is the heroine of the movie. She resides in district 12 and