The Hiring Practices In Europe And The United States

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The results of capital requirements talks in Europe and the United States have slowed down the hiring practices, not only in Hong Kong and Tokyo but also in the whole Asian region. Regardless of the healthy market in the region, the prevailing mood is that of moderation than that of development. Private Banks and financial institutions are lurching and tossing in this market. Several equity groups are doing well too.
Tokyo and Hong Kong have a high population which has boosted the banking sector. In addition, the cities host more than 500 of the best companies in the world. The increased business activities have made the cities a hub for banking and financial services. There are numerous renowned financial institutions in the two cities which include. JP Morgan, Nomura, Barclays Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ limited, Okinawa Bank, Aozora, Aomori and Iyo bank.
I started job hunting in Tokyo and Hong Kong after completing my Bachelor of Arts studies in Liberal International Studies in Tokyo. I had majored in International Business and thought it wise to look for a job while awaiting my graduation due in September 2012. As known, Japan is a digital country and nearly all its transactions and activities are done online. I did my job application online where I had to wait for confirmation. Each bank that I applied has an online human resource panel that screens and selects the best candidates for the job. In my first week in Hong Kong, I applied for a sales and marketing job with Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ limited. Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ limited is one of the best performing financial institutions in the region. This bank offers credit, corporate and foreign exchange services to its clients. As according to policy, an individual has to wait for a response from the bank for not more than five working days.