The Heritage Club in Abu Dhabi

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Based on results, it was determined that the management by control ideology currently in place served as the most significant rationale for why employees were resistant to knowledge sharing and built a lack of trust that facilitated ineffective communications between departments. It is recommended that managers reconsider the command-and-control philosophy of management and adopt more progressive and consultative management systems to build more effective communications.The purpose of this research study is to evaluate and measure the depth of communications problems that are currently being experienced by the Services Department at the Emirates Heritage Club in Abu Dhabi. The Heritage Club was launched in 1993 under the direction of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan for the mission of protecting the heritage and traditions of the United Arab Emirates. The Heritage Club maintains a mission to properly educate the new generation about the heritage of their descendants, disseminating information to improve a sense of national pride regarding UAE culture. The club works to spread national ideology and culture among residents of the UAE, carrying out a variety of studies and research projects to advance this knowledge. The objectives of the Heritage Club are to improve knowledge regarding arts and history of the UAE, collaborate with many different UAE institutions that maintain similar interests, organize events and conferences relating to the Arabian culture, and distributing this information to residents and institutions across the country.It is highly important for an organization to maximize collaboration between departments in order to enhance efficiency and productivity. An organization cannot achieve success without establishing the mechanisms of knowledge sharing necessary to facilitate institutional mission and objectives.