The Heiress and the Sociopathic Gold Digger

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The exchange of smiles and sweet words had created a romantic environment, though no one could assess the real and invisible feelings prevailing in the depths of hearts. One of these lovers was called Brian, a twenty seven years old man with medium height, stout physique, stiff facial expressions, narrow eyes, flat nose, straight hair and mixed complexion attributed to the biracial children of the parents from two diverse ethno-racial backgrounds. while the second lover was Kathleen, a twenty six years old graceful woman having tall height, delicate physique, bob-cut curled auburn hair swaying on her shoulders, comely facial features, tender lips, broad eyes and fair complexion, making her to be the embodiment of attractiveness and refinement, and proving her as the descendant of white Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP).Please swear you would always love me sweetheart, exclaimed Brian in deep voice by playing with one of her restless curls falling on her broad forehead. No, I would not love you forever, Kathleen replied in some serious tone. O come on darling, don’t be silly… I’d not tolerate such nonsense comments from your mouth even remarked as a stupid joke, he replied adding more purity of love to his words and tone. Oh my love, why are you so afraid of it? I’m just cutting jokes. It’s only fun my dear, she maintained. Please don’t spoil these precious moments of a glaring night I intend to spend under your thick eyelids, where I have declared the moon as the eye-witness of my love for you, Brian looked more romantic and attempting to ignore the words delivered by Kathleen. Oh really? If you declare this moon to be the witness from your side, I have a bigger and stronger witness on my part, and that’s no other than the Reddening Phoebus i.e. sun, which would endorse thepurity of my heart and truth of this mind for you my love she turned out to be more romantic and tender towards her lover.