The Green Businesses and Green Marketing Issues of Patagonia Company

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Some businesses follow green marketing to sell the benefits of the products while others in this capacity follow green businesses by running their operations in a green environment.This paper deals with marketing issues dealt with in Growing Green. The smart paths to developing sustainable products by Gregory Unruh amp. Richard Ettenson. A thorough analysis of this article mentions the methods and problems related to growing green businesses. Green competition is increasing in today’s world due to resource allocation with respect to environmental issues.With the advent in the knowhow of green products, marketing, and businesses. most companies are adopting it as their competitive advantage. Patagonia is also one of them, who shifted their strategies towards environment-friendly culture.Patagonia started as a small business to assist the climbers and surfers by making tools for them. Their main focus was to target all silent sports lovers by providing them with clothes and tools for climbing. This business was the main inspiration by the interest of the founder of these sports. Patagonia not only cared for the customer but also have a great love for nature and its beauty. The notion of saving the environment brought them to eco-friendly production. Their aim was not only to go green but also to take others go green in the industry.They have developed very high standards for being environment-friendly users. They modify their product designs, manufacturing capacities, utilization of raw material, and energy sources to reduce the effect of this entire environment. (Rarick, Charles A, Feldman, Lori S, 2008)The company started its journey of the green image in the early summer of 1994. This was the immediate response to the harmful impacts of their company onthe environment.