The Godfather Movie

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The plot of the story portrays an Italian American empire that is beginning to fall based on tragic situations in criminal exploits. The opening scene of a wedding pose an appeal to the viewers as family induces a feeling of belonging such that those who lack belief in it are draw in to the depths of such remarkable occasions. That in the making is one significant way to draw the attention of the viewers. This depicts the Corleone family business affairs bringing the viewers to the act, to its world and into the narrative. The epic is actually ruthless in implications as it unfolds and various styles have been used. Suspense is created effectively, and the actors seek to turn off the viewers and pull them in at the same time. Skill and craft is executed bravely with the length and the pacing of the movie aiming to show how themes of betrayal, greed and loyalty shine in life in ways that are both profound and surprising (Puzo 208). It offers a brutal depiction of events and lifestyle such as one of pirates. The story begins plotwise on an attempt to assassinate Don Vito by a rival from a different family due to his refusal to join an illegal business in narcotics trade. With his absence and temporary unavailability as he seeks medical attention, it becomes the role of his sons to run the entire empire. These include a hot tempered Sonny, mildly meek Fredo, an adopted son of Irish ancestry Tom Hagen and a fiercely independent Michael who happens to be the only fortunate son to obtain a college education (Zapala-Kraj 47). Michael is initially uninterested in the family business and lacks the desire to take part in the future take over. However, with continuous deceit and betrayal, it is Michael who comes through as a successor to his…
This research paper focuses on the movie The Godfather, that is one of the many action series that provides a captivating entertainment especially for those who love to watch drama and crime. The movie was produced in 1972 and based on the novel by Mario Puzo, The Godfather. The movie provides a captivating scene and popular moving chronicles of American life that are brutal in their nature and the way they are depicted. Within the context of all popular entertainment, this movie provided a higher rating in the mode of the filming. The screen player Francis Ford Coppola brings forth a gangster melodrama that is truly sorrowful but also extremely exciting that lacks the unbelievable piety of the previous productions in the movie industry that strike fear but caution that the crime is not paying. The movie is an illustration of daily life events. Let us face it, to be rich, powerful, feared and influential is a way of life achieved by some people and we cannot deny is one that most would desire and find somewhat compelling. Based on that, drama epics like The Godfather gives the viewer the chance to explore this dark possibility and emotion as well as live through the actors and traits as depicted in the film. There is much people who can borrow from a story that shows how a person can move from normal life of casting out roles to one of taking duty and responsibility towards a fulfilled life. Michael can be used as a turning point to people who lack a sense of direction, and the movies is highly recommended.