The Goals and Values of Public Health

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The research study The Goals and Values of Public Health examines the method of assessment that provides a review of the existing information regarding the harmful possible impacts of chemicals and other explosive and dangerous materials at a site. This assessment basically aims at calculating the impact and effects of an uncalled incident that may arise or alternatively the possible negative effects of a plant or a site on the inhabitants of that field. The public health assessment is beneficial in measuring the environmental footprint of any activity and not only confines itself to the healthiness and therapeutic issues involved with it. The benefits of public health assessment, hence, involve a study of the possible benefits and harms of a hazardous activity. This assessment helps in taking decisions of either continuing the activity or discontinuing it as per the results of the assessment. It helps in the reduction of the costs, which might be required to restore the environmental conditions destroyed by the activity performed. Moreover, this assessment is beneficial in early examination of the possible outcomes of the activity, and also in budgeting during and after the completion of the targets/processes. The additional time, increased costs and conflicts that may arise as a result of public health assessments are the major disadvantages involved. The conflicts may arise on the issue of acceptability and rejection of a particular task due to its hazardous effects. The inhabitants who are affected or the stakeholders in other words, may divide themselves into categories with different demands. One group, for instance, may take a position in opposition to the activity, while the other may act in its favors. This may give rise to the conflicts within the communities. These conflicts may be resolved by either properly incorporating the concerns of the opponents or weighing between the arguments of the parties. The policy makers may form a policy that protects the environment and health of the larger community. In