The Gherkins in Facilities Management Perspective

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The eye-catching location of 30 St Mary makes it prominent for the beholders and its location is perfect for commercial and business purpose. As it is located at the center of London’s financial district there are a number of major transport hubs, a wide range of restaurants, bars, shopping malls and retail outlets on a walking distance. It provides a fresh and full of energy working environment and really helps to maintain the good mood of administration as well as visitors.
The 30 St Mary Axe Building is visible over long distances from the north, for instance, it can be seen from the M11 motorway some 32 kilometers (20 mi) away, while to the west it can be seen from the statue of George III in Windsor Great Park.
The building of 30 St Mary was constructed by Skanska and was opened officially and commercially on 28th April 2004. The primary occupant of the building is Swiss Re, a global reinsurance company, who had the building commissioned as the head office for their UK operation. After the name of primary occupants, the building of Gherkins is also famous as Swiss Re Tower but this name is not used officially. As the internal and external architecture of the building is concerned, it is worth watching and sensibly designed. The internal temperature of the building is maintained by using energy saving methods allow it to use half the power a similar tower would typically consume. Six shafts have been created between the gaps of each building floor that serve as natural ventilators for the entire building. The shafts pull warm air out of the building during the summer and warm the building in the winter using passive solar heating. The shafts also help in keeping the lighting costs down as they allow sunlight to pass through the building making the work environment more pleasing and cozy.&nbsp.
As designed by Arup it signifies their statement of style having fully triangulated perimeter structure making the building sufficiently stiff without any extra reinforcements. Despite its overall curved glass shape, there is only one piece of curved glass on the building the lens-shaped cap at the very top.