The Functional Areas of a Business and Its Business Process

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If a company has a new product it wants to launch into the marketplace then the marketing function of the business become extremely important. A process is much different than a functional area. A business process can be defined as a set of coordinated tasks and conducted by both people and equipment that leads to a specific organizational goal (Techtarget, 2009). In a manufacturing plant, the entire production line constitutes a business process. Business processes can be either internal or external. For example, a company could have a business process in which the customers after purchasing a product must register the purchase on the corporate website in order to activate the warranty. This business process could be considered an external process because someone other than the employee had to perform the task. Business processes are important because they provide guidelines and parameters for stakeholders to follow. Typically each functional area within a business has its own set of business processes.&nbsp. &nbsp.