The Free Application for Federal Student Aid

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The calculation of the ability to get aid based on individuals’ financial circumstances may limit some students in getting financial aid and therefore it should be on merit and not on the size of assets owned by individuals and their families.
The FAFSA form does not consider the financial challenges that most families live in and therefore most family members find it intimidating. Therefore most families and students fail to go for a higher level of education like colleges since it has over a hundred questions and most of these questions are base on the financial wellbeing of parents and families. This becomes a limiting factor to students in need of financial aid.
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid process faces challenges because it is ineffective in ensuring college completion by the students because of the complexities involved. Due to lack of finances enough to sponsor the education sector, the organizations using the FAFSA process imposes policies that make parents start paying immediately the students are enrolled in the loans program. This makes poor families strain even more and hence find themselves in a bad financial situation.
The proposal has been made for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form to be narrowed down to be user-friendly but instead more questions were added to the already existing ones to help asses financial situations of students seeking loans and grants in or4der to finance their education. This is a challenging factor because, even if the questions are answered, it does not put into consideration of the high costs of living in various states in the nation.
The fact that the accessibility of loans and grants are based on the creditworthiness according to the financial position of the families.