The First North Korean Nuclear Crisis during 19934

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gh it seems difficult to oppose that view, the crisis was resolved in 1994 when North Korea obeyed the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).The situation had been considered as a nuclear crisis when the North Korea withdrew from the NPR on March 12, 1993. This became the onset of the North Korean nuclear crisis which became a major concern in the international arena. Different countries participated to be able to resolve the problem. These countries include China Japan, Russia and the members of the IAEA which held important roles in the process of settling the nuclear crisis. The most important and most affected countries though with the most significant participation in the issue are the South Korea and the United States.For South Korea, the danger had been the fact that the relationship with the Northern region had been volatile since the civil war. In addition, South Korea is facing the North’s dangerous play over the demilitarized zone and the United States, a superpower which deployed about 37,000 American military in the South and played a leadership in international community. For that matter, South Korea and United States can be considered as the major role players in the resolution of the North Korean nuclear crisis.Many of existing literature on the North Korean nuclear problem tend to focus on political aspects of the program and strategy to solve the issue. The political perspective is necessary to analyze the stake of North Korean nuclear program. Although this is the case, it is not sufficient to understand the full scope of a more complicated picture, especially the 1994 crisis which can be considered to be affected by the complicated interaction of history, politics, military and economy.Some published works have been able to reveal more thoroughly such as Going Critical written by insiders during the crisis. The authoritative account of the crisis recounts a detail about how