The Features and Requirements of Network Security

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This will reduce the administrative work on the network for the network administrator. The client/server architecture is designed on a star topology. Any maintenance activity of this network type will be conducted, while the clients will not be aware of it. The current network scenario does not contain proper security measures, contingency planning, back up procedures, data synchronization, data traffic analysis, network congestion prevention.
The client-server architecture starts degrading its performance when there is a large number of data fetching and executions as this will result in network congestion. Server downtime will severely affect the network and all the operations and activities on the network will be halted.
Hubs should be replaced by the Fast Ethernet 10/100 Mbps switches. By replacing hubs, we can considerably minimize the unwanted traffic on the network which may degrade the performance of the network. As the organization is certified ISO9000, the network has to support the features which are required by the ISO Certification.
As the organization size is not under consideration, for example, if a large number of employees are working on the network and transferring data at the same time also accessing network drives, this will degrade the network performance as in the client-server architecture, all the data is processed by the server itself. As this is an SME, 10/100 Mbps CAT 5 is sufficient enough for the transmission of data.
If the network design will be implemented using Wi-Fi technology, then the scenario will be different. A lot of security issues will be taken into consideration. Password encryption methods will be used.
The CAT 5 cabling scheme uses both data and voice communication. The forensic lab needs communication between different employees on different stages of the investigation. The cabling should support a variety of communication standards, keeping in mind the future aspect of the upcoming technologies as compatibility issues are sometimes so costly that whole network architecture and design need to be created.