The Factors Being Tested Are A) Substrate Concentration And B) Metal Salt (Activator)I Only Need The

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In part I of this Enzyme Lab you learned that fruits and vegetables have different amount
of catalase. For this lab’ you and your group members will explore two (2) of six factors
that affect enzyme activity. Enzyme Activity: is the level of reaction which an amount of enzyme undergoes to
produce a product in a speciļ¬ed period of time. Factors that affect enzyme activities: i) temperature
ii) pH
iii) substrate concentration iv) enzyme concentration
v) metal salt (inhibitor or activator) vi) time Lab Guidelines:
0 Will use either ginger or banana extracts for this experiment as these have the most catalase concentration
0 Your group factors assignment are: a) substrate concentration and b)
– Working with your group members, design a procedure to conduct the testing of your factors
a List the materials that you will need for the experiment Science