The Expansion of Rudmore Press Ltd

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He was able to identify that the company needs to expand its services because of customers growing demands and to operate in a highly competitive market. Also, the company was able to cope with the needs of improving the equipment’s through the policy of continuing investment. And his dynamic attitude moves the organization forward. These are actually the strengths of Rudmore Press.However, though Tony was able to identify the need to restructure, he missed details involved in restructuring like identifying the right person for the right job. The people he placed on major positions lack qualifications and skills. Tony should see to it that they were provided with adequate training (Sison 1981). Thus, one problem would be the preparation of the major players in the organization to accept additional responsibility as a result of the organization’s growth.The changes that occurred in Rudmore Press is regarded as an organization-wide change because it involved the restructuring of operations, new technologies as brought-in by a computerized dispatch system, mergers with two small independent lithograph companies, and new programs like the initiative to obtain the ISO Approved Quality Standard Certificate (McNamara 1999). It is but typical that there is strong resistance as probably the result of the fear of lacking management skills, or conflicting goals of its members (personal goal is not aligned to company goal).Another issue would be the leadership presented by Tony among his colleagues. He is indeed a dynamic managing director but he needs to improve his management skills to be able to understand them. As a leader, he should be the role model for Roger, Gerry, and Anthea. According to Maxwell (1999), to keep leading, and if he wanted to grow his organization, he should remain teachable. Roger’s and Gerry’s attitudes are but reflections of his excuses.