The Ethical Standards of Nike

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Nike has changed its course of action in recent years from one of sheer denial and arguments to one of policy and change. The fact that the company responded only to global media pressure and the fact that standards only changed in Indonesia because of workers strikes and consumer pressure leave something to be desired about the ethical standards of Nike. However, it is important to recognize that Nike did change, though the implementation of the 1997 policies, almost ten years later, is not fully in effect.
&nbsp.Nike should be held ethically responsible for the working conditions in foreign factories of subcontractors. In a business decision, regardless of the international boundaries, it is important to follow a certain level of ethical standards. While it is impossible to judge if Nike absolutely knew of the sub-standard conditions, it is logical to assume that Nike could not have ignored the possibility, regardless of the information from Mr. Young, who said that the conditions were adequate in the factories. Yet, in countries where minimum age and working condition laws are not contusive to an appropriate and healthy lifestyle, Nike, by simple association, should maintain a level of dignity for their products. However, the legalities of the situation become more intricate for Nike, being an American based business, subcontracts to (mainly) Asian factories.