The Essentials of Risk Management

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I have decided to take the risk management course to better my quantitative and technical skills in finance. I wish to re-enter the financial field with the current harsh economic conditions only after solidifying my little experience in your institution. After obtaining an in-depth understanding of the computational, statistical tools and the mathematical skills that are essential when dealing with the bank or any organizational data, the economic waters that have become treacherous to navigate without the necessary risk management skills will be an easier sailing place. I hope that I will evolve into an individual who has understood the industry well so that I can deliver well to the clients at the same time employ the management audacity through the quantitative portfolio to the advantage of the investor.
I believe I can excel in this course taking into consideration my enthusiasm and commitment to finance-related institutions, I have worked in the banking industry for nine years. The vast experience I have gained so far gives me an opportunity to develop extensively the gained knowledge and skills in financial operations. The course content appeals to me strongly and being a student at the University will definitely provide me with the essential knowledge that I need in advancing my career