The Environmentally Healthy City The Pressing Need of the 21st Century

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But, if humans want to sustain the oil supply, then they have to deploy alternative sources to power less energy demanding operations. The major operations such as construction and engineering equipment can rely on oil based products for the time being. But, it is also important to note that making a switch to alternative and eco-friendly power generation is an expensive state of affairs. The substantial amount of financial resources and infrastructure is required to test vast scale viability of all alternative energy sources. The importance of alternative energy production techniques in making healthy city possible is growingly becoming part of literature relevant to strategic planning and development. The previous paragraph just attempted to provide a short term solution to a problem. Humans have to revert towards a simpler existence so that. it can prolong its existence on this planet. The scientists have recently been emphasizing on the value of planting trees in parallel with the attempts to reduce carbon emissions. The greenery will produce sufficient oxygen that will counteract the adverse effects of greenhouse gases. Additionally, the scientists are working to erect an artificial ozone layer on the areas of Africa where the natural one has become completely ineffective. Societal Benefits of the Healthy City The need to promote and support global citizenship is being strongly felt because it will lead to international pooling of resources to fight prevailing problems of humanity. Furthermore, international business community has to demote the greed and attach itself with environment friendly practices so that, they can save the future of humanity’s next generations….
The Environmentally Healthy City: The Pressing Need of the 21st Century
The environmental friendly city is defined as a locality that offers a healthy atmosphere by minimizing air and water pollution (Moore, 2006). The green or environmental friendly city should have a lot of trees and greenery that will play a notable role in minimizing the carbon emissions in the air and water. Moreover, it should also use alternative energy sources to generate power.
Relation of Environmental Health with Healthy City
All of the famous alternative energy producing methods such as solar and wind energy do not produce carbon emissions and therefore, they are considered integral parts of conceptualized healthy city. Obstacles in Making a Healthy Possible The alternative energy sources are the futuristic version of energy production but, their implementation is purposely being halted consistently by conventional energy providers (Komendantovaa, Patt, Barras, amp. Battaglini, 2012).
The oil producers are defaming major alternative energy projects in order to save their own skin. The alternative sources’ inability to produce enough energy to power massive equipment is presented as the major concern by oil producers around the world. Still, the supporters of conventional energy are forgetting about the nearing shortage of oil and therefore, in a few years, the major countries of the world, will initiate to produce energy via alternative sources. The concept of nationalism should be diluted even further because the challenges that humans face today are immense and due to this reason, one nation alone cannot control and manage them (Parekh, 2003).