The Environmental Law Society at the University of Arizona

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The organization should work to promote students’ interest in environmental issues affecting the local and global community. It should take a dynamic approach of viewing environmental issues through the legal lens with meetings with local and national experts, interdisciplinary discussions, films and panels. The organization should also offer local volunteer opportunities, social events, a student mentorship program and outdoor activities, including camping and hiking, to the students.

The Arizona Environmental society is faced with the task of enlightening the community on environmental issues. The organization should travel to areas affected by fracking and educate individuals staying in the areas the possible dangers that are bound to occur and the possible solutions to the problems. The organization should assist community members in addressing the question of whether unconventional gas should be endorsed as a major future source of energy. This question should be answered basing on the impacts of fracking on human health and the climate.

There is a considerable lack of information and uncertainty around the health impacts of unconventional gas extraction within the community members. It is the duty of the Arizona Environmental Law Society to let the community members know that the health impacts associated fracking chemicals used in the extraction of the unconventional gas are serious. The organization should also teach them the laws governing their rights with regard to fracking.

The organization should also prepare the community members by teaching them the effects of the chemicals on climatic changes. This due to the fact that climatic changes are likely to exacerbate certain health risks and the vulnerability of certain groups including the elderly, rural and indigenous groups, as well as future generations.The Arizona Environmental Law Society should also report to the community members the risks associated with water contamination caused by the fracking process and wastewater.&nbsp.