The Environment of Apples iPod and Its Technology

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184500 In today’s volatile business environment characterised by changes such as new market development, technological innovation, regulatory requirements, and changing consumer behaviours, technology-based companies like Apple need to harness factors that are within their control. Zook (2004) recommends that companies or brands should progress by simultaneously investing in current business and responding to the new opportunities. To achieve this, companies must scan the environment and evaluate their current marketing programme in order to revise their marketing strategies for achieving growth (McGrath 2001). In the following sections, the author shall study these aspects pertaining to Apple’s iPod brand particularly relating to the UK market, and offer recommendations for improvement. Every business must operate within its macro and microenvironment. The microenvironment refers to factors that operate and immediately linked with the firm while the macro and competitive environment are the general factors that affect all firms. The environment can be evaluated so that the best opportunities can be capitalized to the advantage of the brand (Porter 1980). iPod’s macro and competitive environments are discussed as follows: Political – The UK is undergoing a tremendous social and political change which influences its consumers as well as businesses. British society has become more aware of their environment and their legal rights. They want the government to take an active part in passing bills and implementing laws which have a positive impact on the society, environment and the country at large. Even in technological innovation, they are concerned with the government’s role in establishing laws and funding for projects pertaining to the efficacy of products in terms of renewable energy, carbon footprints and so forth (Lake 2005). An American firm entering into the UK market would have to adjust to its political environment.