The empowerment of women rights

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This suggests that the gender has been over-emphasized upon in the assessment of eligibility to work while it was a very insignificant factor on the intellectual grounds. Empowerment of women is the fundamental prerequisite of the eradication of extremism and poverty. Extremism is fundamentally against women empowerment. Extremism means exaggeration. Extremists consider the women inferior to men in all areas. There is no doubt in the fact that men are physically stronger as compared to the men, but extremism further underestimates the women to the extent that their intellectual abilities are challenged, which are by no means lesser than those of the men. “[A] study of National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC), found that women- only clubs achieved average annual returns of 32% since 1951 versus 23% for men-only investment clubs. The verdict is. women know how to handle money and can be greater entrepreneurs than men if the various obstacles to development is removed or minimized” (Osalor). In addition to that, religious fanatics cannot see women progressing in the society and standing shoulder to shoulder with men. In the extremely conservative societies, women are not allowed to work. Victorian Era is fundamentally known for the extreme subjugation of women’s rights. …
Women are roughly equal to men in number in the world’s population. Just like many men don’t like working with women, many women also don’t like being dealt with by men. Women have their own issues and for many of which, they need the counseling, treatment and advice only from women. Such issues include medical issues, education and psychological counseling. Women are better able to understand and provide advice upon the women’s issues than men are. In many cases, the feministic perspective plays a fundamental role in understanding the female client’s problems. In addition to that, a lot of people in the conservative societies do not educate their daughters because of the unavailability of female teachers. In an attempt to keep their daughters safe from the issues of coeducation that include but are not limited to the boyfriend-girlfriend culture, premarital sex and court marriages, parents tend to compromise upon the daughters’ education. In turn, they remain illiterate and unable to equip themselves with the necessary skills to be able to join the workforce. Illiteracy of the women happens to be one of the most fundamental causes of the epidemic of poverty in such societies. Likewise, women are required in the healthcare sector in order to cater for the needs of the women in the society. Women prefer female gynecologists over the male gynecologists because of several reasons including the religion, custom and culture. Women have proved their strength quite a lot of times in the past, whenever they had acquired a chance to. At the time of the 19th century industrial revolution, women had come into the front line in order to get employed and earn. Their intention was fundamentally to serve as their husband’s helping hand, and they proved