The Employment Code of Conduct

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Disciplinary procedures are an important part for any organization, it is the disciplinary procedures that determine the complete directive of the firm that the employees are supposed to follow, it may also include the code of conduct. (Gennard, J. &amp. Judge, G., 2005)
All the ill effects of not following the terms mentioned in the disciplinary procedures are also mentioned in the same document, like suppose the penalty or punishment for misconduct such as abusing fellow workers is suspension from the company without pay, (Hall, R. &amp. Stewart, J., 2001) so here the term in disciplinary procedure will be as follows:
All the employees working for Bodgitt and Blastit limited should not use abusive language against any other employee, manager, stockholder or a general part of the company, or even in the office premises. failing to do so could lead to a suspension of the key employee. (Russell, Kate, 2004)
In the above procedure and term, the problem was very clearly stated and so was its penalty. Therefore preventing the company from being a victim by means of a penalty from the employment tribunal. If any such information is not mentioned in the disciplinary procedures or even worse, if the company does not have a disciplinary procedure until now, this could be much worse, the employment tribunal may also force the company to not only let the “suffered” employee get back to his post in the company, but also the responsible (or rather, irresponsible) employee could also get some compensation out of the whole deal.