The Effects on the Human Resource Employee and the Company

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The catchment area then becomes quite important. The catchment area will be determined by the proximity of competitors, types of employees involved, their age and sex, and the provision of transport and housing (Pearson 83). There are other factors to consider in the type of employee as well. Is your company a small company? Will the employee need to interact with just a small number of other employees, or will the prospective employee need to interact within a large organization? Are the requirements of the job such that an individual will be required to work well alone, or will the person need to interact with others in a variety of ways? Is the employee going to be an executive, and if so what will be his/her duties and responsibilities? Other considerations might include, do we need a certain gender of the employee, or does the company wish to look for a minority to fill the position? All of these considerations and many more are questions to answer before beginning the search for a new employee. Once the analyst has defined the employee characteristics needed to succeed at the position, defined his labour market and has a working knowledge of his catchment area the analyst can then take on the next step. That next step is to know of and understand, the number of different categories that an analyst must take into consideration. One of these categories is to know your competition. What are your competitors doing to lure good, long-term viable employees while ensuring that they will be retained by the company?