The Effects of the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

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The BP Oil Spill can serve as a warning to all organizations who are careless on safety measures on the smallest issues. showing even the smallest carelessness can lead to such a big catastrophe that can haunt organizations and the concerned parties in the long run.To better understand the situation, a brief background of how the catastrophe occurred is important. Deepwater Horizon was a 9-year-old semi-submersible oil rig functioning in the waters of the Mississippi canyons, under a lease of British Petroleum. At the time of the explosion, there was drilling going on for an exploratory well at depths of about 5000 feet. The well was almost functionally complete, whereas major cementing work was being carried out by one of the concerned parties/contractors of BP, Halliburton (BBC, 2010). After completion of the well, it could be used as a subsea producer later. However, catastrophe struck on 20th April 2010, methane gas shot up from the well 5000 feet under the ground and it shot up all the way up to the rig. The safety instruments did not react properly to this phenomena and the rig caught fire as methane exploded on the rig. All but eleven workers were saved through rescue efforts and lifeboats. This catastrophe didn’t end here. an oil leak was found where the oil rig stood 3 days ago. This sleek oil cover started endangering life. According to official estimates of August 2 and about 62000 barrels of oil per day has escaped the well into the water, endangering the environment and submarine life (Channel 4 News, 2010).The oil spill happened at such a big magnitude that it affected a multitude of organizations, people far and wide, in multiple countries. it affected humans as well as an animal habitat. Therefore, the impact was far and wide, all the species directly as well as indirectly cannot be accounted for. The sub-groups can be classified as follows.