The Effects of Steroids

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The first athletes to use steroids were Olympians and not baseball or football players as commonly believed. States sponsored steroid regimen during the Cold War, in the East and the West. East Germanys state-managed doping system was revealed after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was then discovered that more than 10,000 athletes were treated with steroids. Some of the athletes were as young as twelve years and many did not know that they were being given steroids. This made them get Olympic medals but also gave them long-term health problems.The asteroid is a synthetically produced male sex hormone, testosterone which helps the growth of muscle mass and strength. Anabolic steroids as they are known, were isolated, and synthesized in the 1930s, and are now used for therapeutic purposes in medicine to stimulate growth, help treat diseases such as cancer and AIDS. It has been acknowledged that steroids along with an adequate diet increase body weight. According to Ron Woods (2006), Anabolic steroids are faster and more effective than any physical training program for increasing size, strength and speed. Sports coaches and trainers immediately saw the possibilities of using steroids.People use steroids for many reasons. They take them because a doctor has advised them for treating an ailment, or because they want to improve their physique and increase strength and endurance as in the case of athletes. There are many who use steroids as drugs as they are cheaper than marijuana or cocaine.The central issue about steroids is the abuse of steroids. Like any other medicine, steroids, when taken without the guidance of a doctor, can create health problems. The problems may be in the form of damage to the heart, lungs or liver.