The Effects of Different Disability Labels on Life

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The BBC News (1999) has mentioned the controversy surrounding the issue of including the disabled in mainstream classrooms. Most of the critics, it has been mentioned, have been the teachers themselves and the administrators of these mainstream schools.
Another government initiative that has been established in recent years is the ECM or Every Child Matters which was established in the United Kingdom in 2003. According to the ECM, every child, regardless of his/her background, interests, capabilities and physical attributes, all have the right to gain access to medical and security facilities and amenities, as well as entry into any educational institution that they wish to be part of. Such a movement was done in order to promote the children’s trust in the government and the nation as a whole, given that once they voice out their opinions, the government can do something about it, for the benefit of all the children in the country. Among one of the main issues being tackled by Every Child Matters would be the concern towards the inclusion of disabled children in mainstream schools in the United Kingdom (Every Child Matters, 2005).
Most people seem to misunderstand the concept of disability, and even worse, the disabled themselves are faced with the difficulty of being able to fit in with their peers because they are being seen in a different light. This makes it difficult, or in some cases impossible to mingle with other people. These children may also be labeled by their peers which may scar them for life. As a result, some individuals believe that if a disabled person is allowed to interact with non-disabled people on a more regular basis, then this may encourage them to engage in peer interaction. It may also encourage the non-disabled to form a different view of the disabled as people just like them, except that they experience a bit of difficulty at& point or another.