The Effects of Consumption of a Healthy Diet and Exercise upon the Obesity Rate of Children in America

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This design was selected because the whole research is based on the study of effectiveness of the experiment on the one the groups and comparison with the other group on which experimentation is not performed. One control group will carry the experiment on first group and the other will simply monitor the results without experimentation on the second group. The pre-test and post-test results of both the groups will determine the effectiveness of experimentation and will help to check the validity of the hypothesis. Procedure: According to research, 17% of the total population of children are obese. Approximately 30% of the students in this school are obese. As the first step of this experimental research, I will obtain the BMI and the weight of each participant. The experimental group will be involved in a rigorous exercise program for 30 minutes daily. This group will also be placed on a low cholesterol diet. Parents will be asked to follow the diet plan at home with their children. The control will follow their regular daily routine. This exercise program will last for one semester, approximately 4 months. Games, exercises, and diet are included in the experimental group. At the end of the study, data will be obtained by rechecking the BMI and weight of each participant. … Each student will 1) Be weighed and their BMI will be calculated before the experiment. 2) Be divided randomly into two control groups containing equal number of students in each group. Group 1 comprising students to be experimented on and Group 2 comprising students who will not be experimented. 3) The new dietary charts will be prepared consulting nutritionists that will be effective for the total span of the research along with exercising schedule. 4) The parents of the students of group 1 will be sent letters to follow the new diet and make the children exercise regularly according to the schedule. 5) Observations are noted throughout the research and post-test data is collected and compared with the pre-test data. 6) Effects and changes in obesity rates are carefully observed and noted. 7) The results are estimated for the entire population of America and inference is drawn. 8) The validity of the hypothesis is retained or rejected on the basis of results. 9) Interactive awareness programme scheduled for the families of all participating children and inviting schools from the district to encourage healthy living habits among the children. Conclusion: From the research literature review it can be concluded that the main reason behind the increasing rate of obesity is unhealthy eating habits of Americans and less physical labour. People find it easier to buy cheap fast food instead of cooking costly and healthy vegetables saving time and money but not realising that they do so on the cost of their lives. The obesity in children of America is now taking the form of serious epidemic. The new digital age has restricted the physical activities of children as well as that of the adults, resulting in less calorie