The Effect of a Students Year of College on Frequency of Facebook Status Update

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It was considered dangerous if students spent most of their time on the social network, especially Facebook. If a student spends a lot of time on Facebook, there might be little time left for the student to concentrate on studies. Excessive use of Facebook would, therefore, lead to a poor overall academic performance in the college. As the students get promoted from one year of study another, the work to be covered continues being more abstract. Students at higher education levels, therefore, need more time to dedicate to their studies as they also prepare for more abstract content. This study, therefore, was conducted to determine the correlation between a student’s year of study and the rate at which they updated their status on Facebook. This research was done by use of a survey. The survey was done via the internet on survey monkey.
This college is located in Morris Town, New Jersey. The survey was done via the internet on survey monkey. In this survey, students who were willing to participate were advised to log in to a page that would enable the researcher to follow them on Facebook. By doing this, the students allowed the researcher to keep a record of all times when they were logged in to Facebook and also check their status. It was thus possible to record the total number of times that a student changed Facebook status in one week. The participants were given extra credit as a way of ensuring that they participated out of their own free will. The policy of providing extra credit also helped the researcher to get the required number of participants easily. Those students who had subscribed to the exercise would just go on with their normal daily activities, without having to be physically present for the survey. The results were automatic and the researcher only used to observe and make a record. This method allowed a very minimal chance for the respondents to manipulate the results. It also made them feel free to participate because little time was spent in the process. The process did not cost anything to the respondents too.