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The Editor’s First and foremost, I want to extend my gratitude to all of you for your enormous contributions towards Noonelneswa Magazine. Since the first issue of the magazine was made, I have become more enthusiastic in seeking for the best stories to feature in the magazine. I have a great feeling that I am in the right path when I receive support beyond the Arab community. Indeed, I was amazed when an American woman called me to thank and appreciate our magazine’s editorial crew. In our conversation, I realized that she had received the magazine as a gift from her Egyptian friend. She said, “literally for the first time I read about Arab women in America, things I did not know, figures not exposed to the American media, and the most interesting thing in the magazine, is that youre talking about Arab women social life. not only that but you also have a page for teens, which allows them to write about the problems they face."
And here comes another crucial month for us. This month’s issue integrates interesting and varied topics that I am literally in a dilemma as to what I should incorporate in this letter. First of all, let me clarify our choice for the campaign article. In this issue we focused on sensitizing people about cancer and also featured Negma, Egypts second forum, which took place in Boston, American Muslim Union annual branch, Egypt Cancer Networks fundraising dinner, and Noonelneswa’s first annual spring as well as community recognition occasion. Concerning our wellbeing feature, we presented a brave Arab face that successfully wrestled breast cancer and currently lives cancer free life. Further, because of the fact that April is the National Cancer Control Month, we incorporated an interview with an Arab-American woman who has tirelessly worked with the community in the fight against cancer. In your copy, please find the “best of the best” page so that you can digest the information about one of the best-ranked high schools in New Jersey, which pioneered Arabic language class.
I regret that I cannot find all the space to highlight for you all the interesting items featured in this month’s edition. As I conclude, you would be doing yourself no good if you missed the story about a British journalist, Lauren Booth, who is a sister-in-Law to the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who converted to Islam. She wore a veil and travelled across the world in a bid to facilitate and drive the Palestinian roots. In her endeavor, she recently toured America, where she met with the Arab and Muslim groups.
You expect the best to come with this month’s edition. Irrespective of what this month’s issue presents you with, we wish you a peaceful month ahead. Surely, don’t you think it is a perfect idea to lock yourself up in your room for an evening with a copy of this month’s issue? Trust me, it would be an evening well spent. Do not forget that your opinions and suggestions are greatly essential for making this magazine to become one of the best. Please keep them streaming in. Until next time, I wish you all the best.