The Disciplines Laid Down by God and Gods Teachings

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The westernized based churches got separated from the eastern churches specifically in the year 1054 that followed the western rites. The westernized usages of different rites were considered to be suspicious as they were practiced based on the orthodox catholic rules. However, there was a change, which has been incorporated into the system in the middle nineteenth century. This change has been incorporated in the fundamentals of Christology, ecclesiology and ecclesial practices. The changes that have been brought into the western churches are observed to be realigning with Jesus and His involvement in performing varied religious practices. It has been argued that the Roman Catholic churches are the “estranged breathe”, which maintained their strict ties with the Orthodox Church. Additionally, the parochial system, which was prevalent amid the orthodox system of churches, was certainly replaced by the better open approaches. With the larger acceptance of the missionaries from different cultures that were integrated into the orthodoxy system, the approaches of integration of different practices and deanery were enhanced at large. Specially mentioning, in the pre-modern time, there was a huge belief in the ideologies of supernatural and polytheistic. With several teachings that were based on good winning over the evil, the ideologies had certainly changed in the postmodern era of churches. The increased level of modernization has also imposed an extensive impact on the teachings and the gospels. Furthermore, the western rites of churches were observed to be quietly underestimated by the eastern rite churches. Many theologians possessed the idea that in order to initiate the factor of modernization into the system of the western churches, these churches need to be recalibrating their respective ecclesiology.