The Depiction of Crimes in the US Poetry

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People were kidnapped or trapped in a manner to be tortured only to attain the money. Stealing, robbery, theft was increasing day by day. It was not only suffering in life but the terror of slaughtering getting high to its peak. Blacks were suffering from the injustice of Whites, poor were suffering from the miseries country facing due to the colonizing, Children were killed, a totally a horrifying condition was being seen in the country which was only be settled down by changing the thoughts of mind and soul.
Margret Atwood, one of the famous Canadian writer known for her novels, but is a good author and writer to brief poems, articles, short stories and few she worked for television and movies as well. She was born in Ottawa, Ontario on 18 November 1939 and started her writings since she was young. She qualified herself in English literature and taught English for some time in the University of British Columbia. She was near to nature and wrote many poems and novels about the environment, personalities, and the natural world. Moreover, she was a fervent writer for the kids and though wrote many poems and short stories for them. She was a keen observer and wants to participate herself in the efforts to make the country hygienic to breathe in freely. She enthusiastically wrote many short stories and poems to tell the world and the people of her country what they are suffering with and morally help them to eliminate the crimes. Footnote to the Amnesty Report on Torture was written in 1978. It was a poem compiled in simple English explaining the conditions of the torture chamber along with different shocking and horrifying images in the poem about the torture chamber showing the harsh features of politics.She from the very first stanza clarified the view of the torture chamber by resembling it with something very worst. She made the readers imagine that it neither resembles the dungeon with cobwebs, or it reminds you of opera sets which are being fully designed but by words the dangerous one.