The Cyber Threats in Saint Louis County

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St. Louis County due to this rising concerns focuses on establishing a task force unity which is capable of investigating cybercrimes effectively. Hence, it is recommended that cybercrime task force must increase its cooperation with the law-enforcing bodies In order to effectively combat and eliminate risks of cybercrime.21st century has been an era in which most of the criminals depend on progressive technologies and the Internet to undertake their criminal activities. It has been revealed that internet technology has emerged as the primary medium for criminals to plot organized crime. In the present day context, crimes are mostly driven by technology which includes ‘identity theft’, ‘intellectual property theft’ and ‘payment card scam’ among others. According to the ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation’ (FBI), United States (US) has been the hub for high-tech criminalities which has eventually increased the concerns for law enforcing bodies to develop certain tools or equipment that would efficiently combat contemporary period crime along with protecting the fundamental rights of US citizens. As witnessed cybercrimes have increased to such an extent that the level of organized crime has significantly augmented which has become a huge threat for national security. In addition, cybercriminals have developed new criminal practices and extended their criminal network across the globe which has pressurized the US federal government to create new cyber policies for maintaining cybersecurity.In this context, the paper intends to develop a cyber-crime task force plan for St. Louis County in Missouri. Additionally, the equipment and technology required for the cyber-crime task force to mitigate the risk of cybercrimes in the county will be determined. Furthermore, a brief account will be provided about legislative measures to be developed in the county for increasing the capability of local lawenforcement agencies to curb cyber-crimes.