The Customer Service Operations Excellence Issues

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Attitudes determine how the employees handle the customers and this means that they have the key to the success of any organization. Supply management, on the other hand, has to deal with the management of a network of interconnected chains of distributions that deal with the ultimate production and provision of products and services required by the end-user who in this case is the customer (Debra p.35). The two, customer service and management of interconnected premises work hand in hand to promote the premise amongst the customers and also other businesses in the same line of marketing. The distribution of raw materials has to be done with attitudes that are in the least friendly to the customers to ensure that the customers remain loyal to your products. The way these are interconnected to bring out the desired product is very important to learn and is the case where we have to involve individual companies to come up with some critical analysis of the desired output.
The University of East London is a very prestigious institution with a commitment to widening access and regional development. This is through building links with like-minded partners to develop facilities and event management training and products that suit the market of East London. Supply in the school entails the planning and management of all facilities that are involved in sourcing, procurement, logistics management and also the conversion of services into worthy business retails. It is a very crucial sector that requires the involvement of all the people to come up with improved ways of handling the products that emanate from the institution.
There are many types of research that have in the recent past looked deep into the issue of offering consumer-based services. According to Tech- republic .com, the recent competition in the market has caused a lot of stir among different organizations and this implies that they have to come up with different ways in which they can woo the customers and retain them for as long as possible. For a long time, institutions strive to achieve excellence in the customer care field and this implies that all the employees must play part in ensuring that they achieve their&nbsp.targeted goals (Pega 2009).&nbsp.