The Cult of the Celebrity Handbag

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The research will analyze the concept of celebrity handbags and illustrate the growth of the It Bag’. People tend to follow trends regarding the It Bag’ of which the mass media constantly sing praise. Mulberry, the brand, which names many of its creations after celebrities, has waiting lists for several handbags, including the Bayswater, Mitzy, and Daria. Its £699 ‘Alexa’ satchel, which is named after TV presenter Alexa Chung, is currently Selfridges’ bestselling bag, with waiting lists for versions in pink, leopard print, and electric blue,(Poulter, S, 2010). This is clearly observable in situations in which celebrity considerable as social status, those handbags become fashionable and in. ‘In accessories handbags, in particular, have provided the engine for growth – one that will speed up as more and more brands invest in this product.’ Having said that, there has a huge demand for celebrity handbag which luxury brands are beginning to produce more in this segment of the market. Further, Prada, for example, has said that handbags represent the highest margins for the brand (Verdict, 2009).In spite of the growth of the celebrity handbags market, yet the luxury handbags which now is facing the new age of consumer shopping habits by the global recession and also other factors. According to Poulter (2010), Fashion insiders have long been predicting its death. But it seems there is still life in the old ‘It Bag’ yet. Selfridges says that there is a 60 percent increase in sales of ‘must-have’ luxury handbags in the past year (Poulter, 2010). The masses passively respond to this association and develop a strong desire to purchase those same handbags, in order to gain a little benefit from the association with the celebrity that made the handbags famous in the first place. The idea of how celebrity culture leads consumer on the way they shop will be investigated. Bourne (2010), found that while most consumers aren’t returning to their pre-recession shopping patterns, there has been a rebound in luxury spending lately.