The Contributors of High Number of Suicide

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The inmates majorly depend on the warden for their protection. The paper will look at internal forces that are contributing to this fact and those that are working to ensure the inmates are protected.
Wardens are reported to be the contributors to the high number of suicide in correctional facilities the handling of inmate plays a role in these factors. Stroud (2012) reports on how suicide notes by those involved stated how they face assault from the prison guards. The article indicates how one inmate in Philadelphia had written to his father indicating how a prison guard had assaulted him more than once. The physical harm that these inmates face and fear of continued torture prompt these inmates in attempting suicide. On many occasions these attempts are fruitful. These sentiments are echoed by Suto (2007) who indicates how the majority of inmates fear to face the wardens due to their inhumane character. The nature of punishment given to inmates by prison guards prompt many to resist the punishment in other instances they engage in the inevitable which is suicide.
Mental illness has been attributed to be the other cause of inmate suicide. Many prisoners suffer in silence. Human rights watch (2004) indicates how there is an alarming rate of mental cases in prisons. The lack of proper care and attention push many prisoners to commit suicide. The mental cases are caused by the traumatic nature of inmates while in solitaire. The continued exposure to traumatic events by the prison department forces inmates to seek refuge in drugs and other violent activities. The daily exposure to these events affects them psychologically, the lack of professional assistance deteriorate the situation. The prisons at the time of the research lacked the proper mechanism, to assist and provide psychological help to inmates. The lack of care attributes to the higher levels of suicide in the prisons. The other aspect is the sentencing of victims without ascertaining their state of mind. The result of being a continued effect while in incarceration. The son- protective nature of the prisons drives the victims to commit suicide.