The construction Firm contractors and subcontractors

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(See Appendix I – Construction and GNP Trends between 1980 to 2011 on page 13) Within the construction industry, Rok plc is considered as one of the biggest contractors in the United Kingdom that focuses on repairing, refurbishing, and maintenance of government schools and social housing projects. In line with this, the company offers plumbing, heating and electrical (PHE) services on top of bidding for construction projects (Corporate Information 2011). Due to serious economic recession in UK between 2008 to 2009, the company corporate earnings of this company had been negative until the last quarter of 2009 (ibid). Even though the company managed to earn as much as 714,800,000 worth of sales as of January 2010, Rok plc has recently declared its bankruptcy when the company incurred ?60 million worth of debt (Corporate Information 2011. Clapper 2010). As a result, the company is currently implementing a massive layoff of its workers and was removed from the stock exchange (Rok Plc 2011. Global Insolvency 2010). (See Appendix II – Corporate Earnings of Rok Plc. …
of this company when managing its contracting system, this report will explain the link between business strategy and culture followed by discussing how organizational culture in a construction firm could affect the behaviour of its stakeholders when managing its supply chains. After identifying some distinctive management problems associated with poor organizational culture and behaviour in building construction, business concepts related to business alliances, supply chain management, and franchising in supply chains will be tackled in details. National Approaches to Ownership Structure, Financial Risk Management, Diversification and Integration in Construction Business Rok plc is the holding company of Rok Building Ltd, Rokbuild North Ltd., Rok Development Ltd., and Rok Estates Ltd. among others. As a diverse group of companies, the company’s is to create a diversified group of businesses in UK that will allow the company to build long-term quality profit for its stakeholders. For more than 20 years in service, Rok plc focused on repair, refurbish, and maintenance of government schools and social housing projects throughout the United Kingdom. The economic crisis in the United Kingdom has significantly affected the business performance of Rok Plc., the Rok group of companies remained a publicly bidded company. Since a large part of investment money comes from the public, this particular business approach to ownership structured increases the risk wherein the business owner may have little concern on how the company will establish and value the business relationship it had with its customers and group of accredited suppliers within the various public and private sector. Because of the tight market competition within the construction industry in times of economic