The Comprehensive Meaning of Yoga

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It may be compared with the Trojan War or War of Troy in Greek mythology. During war Lord Krishna was the charioteer of Arjuna, who was a great warrior and the most skilled person in archery. It was a time when he had to wage the dreadful war against his own siblings and his close relatives. Among them were his teachers, his cousin brothers, and his great grandfather.Footnote: *Ishwar: Ishwar is a broad term and that is why instead of calling Him God, we should call Him Ishwar i.e. Supreme Lord.When they encountered face to face on the battlefield, Arjuna was so dejected that he put down his weapons on the ground and surrendered himself. He started lamenting and told Lord Krishna that he could not fight against his close people. He does not want victory, nor does he want status, reputation and kingdom by killing his own people. And thus emerged Geeta. to counsel Arjuna, Lord Krishna explains the universal mystery and the mortal appearance of body and infinite existence of soul, which is non perishable. It teaches us to overcome the dejection and sorrow and be stoic even in the most troublesome period of our life. It is one of the truths of human birth explained by Geeta. that the life of human being is very special and differs from other species on the earth. Rosen Steven in his Bhagavad Geeta analysis says, Man is meant to be thoughtful. Human life is meant for more than merely eating, sleeping, mating, and defending – the basic animalistic propensities.