The Comparison of Health Systems in Great Britain and the Caribbean

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The way in which they do this varies, however, from one country to the next. While the Caribbean islands handle this administration through a prescriptive approach, the UK uses something called goal-setting strategies to ensure basic human health and safety standards are met. This particular method of enforcing compliance is quite different from prescriptive strategies in many ways, which will be enumerated through various examples throughout this document. Companies that operate in more than one country may find it beneficial to meet the most restrictive of the requirements set forth by both countries but can only do so once those requirements are delineated and compared.&nbsp.

In discussing prescriptive strategies versus goal-setting strategies, it is important to understand the difference between the two. Although legislation can be created in any country that governs the use of goal-setting strategies as well, the use of the term prescriptive strategies as it is used in this document will refer to all health and safety management strategies that are specifically outlined in legislative form. In other words, these strategies are required by mandate as a means of meeting basic minimum compliance levels and tend to spell out the exact requirements, methods, practices, and means of reporting or record keeping in the areas of health and safety management for employees and companies operating within a specific governmental sphere. These minimum requirements can be applied to any kind of health or safety issue including environmental concerns at large, employee health plans or allowable workforce&nbsp.demographics.&nbsp. Goal-setting strategies, on the other hand, will refer to those strategies developed through objective decision-making obtained through a step-by-step analysis of various situations, practices, job duties, equipment use and environmental dangers presented as well as close consideration of those minimum requirements set forth by the prescriptive laws.&nbsp.