The Colonials Wars

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Article Summary The article d as Colonial Wars focuses on the wars that took place between the regions of England and France due to their objective of attaining supremacy. During these wars the heaviest losses were suffered by New England as it was nearest the battlefields located in the region of French Canada. Furthermore, the English region was in huge financial issues and this resulted in political disturbances.
A major conflict was taking place between the region of English and French in order to gain control of Ohio River Valley since the early periods of 1750s. During seven year tenure the war between the French as well as the Indians intensified. During the year of 1754, George Washington who was in charge of the Indian sided army ended up bowing down against the French forces and due to the French gained undoubted authority over Ohio.
As a result of rising tensions the government administrators who were living in London called for a conference that took place in the region of Albany. In the conference it was proposed that a centralized form of colonial government was required to be developed that would control the colonies but the plan was voted against. Later the same plan worked as a model for the development of the kind of governance almost 20 years later.
The conflicts further elevated with the government sitting in London taking over forts developed by France in the region of Nova Scotia. The government forced the residents of the region who were recognized as Acadians to relocate to different areas of the colonies. During 1755 another attack by the British that was led by Edward Braddock was foiled by the French and the leading cause of this defeat was the discriminatory opinion that the leader held against the Indian soldiers.
After this defeat the French launched a full scale attack on the English people and by the period of 1756 a world war started between the regions of England as well as France. As a result of the war the prime minister’s office of the government of Britain was taken over by William Pitt who developed the plan of fighting and winning the war in the region of North America and for this purpose he deployed heavy reinforcements in this region. The war finally came to an end with the victory of Britain and within this victory was the major victory of capturing Quebec experienced by the British. The war continued till the period of 1763 and certain events of war even took place in the Southern region. These events include the attack on the Cherokee community by the British.
The war finally ended with the peace treaty that was finally signed during the 1760s and by that time the British had gained control over a huge amount of land area. After the war, problems increased for the British in the face of financial issues. To face these issues the colonist were being forced to pay higher taxes and this led to the ultimate event of American independence from the colonial rule.