The College of Business Administration

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Creation of an online and face to face standards, behavioural research lab and development of a program structure to increase ALE opportunities to meet TSU graduation requirements will also boost the learning and teaching standards of the college. Evaluation and revision of the current curriculum to address the development of global understanding, creation of entrepreneurial mindset and development of IT infrastructure will help students increase their knowledge and sharpen their individual skills. Recruitment of qualified and more skilled staff in all faculties will help in the decentralization of resources which will ease the management burden hence improve service delivery. This will also assist in the establishment of procedures to define and support budget, and policies for the operation of the college and cater for the expansion to accommodate more students. Creation of a student advisory board will help the administration in understanding the students need and demand hence create an ample learning environment. Also, through engagement in regional business networking, community services, alumni database and creation of an Investment Fund and a Financial Trading Lab for students to be involved in trade fairs will boost their skills. With all these strategies in place, the college will be able to achieve its core values, mission by creating current and future leaders with the capabilities of contributing responsibly and successfully in the dynamic business world. In such doings, the college will be the regional leader in business education as per the vision.